The Seven Laws of the Universe
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7 Laws of the Universe   The reason behind my ups and downs became clear when I realized that there are laws that determine what it takes to win or lose, so then I began to use those laws to my benefit in creating consistent success. I used to be an incompetent competent till I became aware of the laws and becoming a conscience competent. You should never ask yourself if this book has information in it that is good or bad. You should only ask yourself, “Will this material take me closer to my goals and dreams?” Do not ask if this book is good or bad. Only ask, “Can this material help me better my life?”
You must pay close attention to these seven laws. These are natural laws as basic as the law of gravity, and, if you use them in the right way, they can create exactly what you want out of life for you. If you pay close attention, you will no longer be able to say, “I don‘t know why these things happen to me.” Whether good or bad.
Are things happening to you that leave you puzzled? Are bad things taking place in your life, and you have no idea how to change or control them? Are you having good things, and do you want to know how to keep it that way? Like a car—if you keep it fueled, oil changed, properly maintained, and properly handled and driven—it will last you long and serve you well and reliably. This does not mean that things will not need to be replaced and cared for, but you will have much more success and longevity than otherwise.
These seven laws can bring stability, assurance, and confidence to your life if you make the choice of studying, understanding, and, most importantly, applying them. There is much information about these laws in many books and on the Internet. This explanation is my favorite of them all and modified for your easier understanding.
Here they are:
The Law of Gender. Every “seed” has a gestation period.
The Law of Cause and Effect. What goes around comes around.
The Law of Relativity. Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
The Law of Perpetual Transmutation. Energy moves into physical form.
The Law of Polarity. Everything has an opposite.
The Law of Vibration. Everything vibrates. Nothing rests.
The Law of Rhythm. This too shall pass.
     1. The Law of Gender
The law of gender translates that every seed has a gestation or incubation period. Ideas are spiritual seeds and will move into form or physical results. If you “choose” to believe this, you can watch your life change. Your goals will manifest in the perfect time. Deep in your heart, you must know that they will.
     2. The Law of Cause and Effect
Whatever you send into the universe comes back. Every action, has an equal and opposite reaction.
Say good things to everyone; treat everyone with total respect, and it will all come back to you. Never worry about what you are going to
   get. Just concentrate on what you can give and give it unconditionally.

Treat everyone with total respect. What goes around comes around. If you squeeze an orange, you will get orange juice. Like causes always produce like effects. See “The Juicer” section in the “Core Principles” section.
     3. The Law of Relativity
Nothing is good or bad until you relate it to something. Practice relating your situation to something worse, and yours will always look good. If you practice relating your situation to something better, yours will always look worse. Nothing is good or bad until you relate it to something. Imagine three bank accounts: the first with $150 in it, the second with $150,000, and the third with $150,000,000. None of them are large, and none are small unless you compare them to a larger or smaller account.
     4. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation
In his book, The Science of Getting Rich, author Wallace D. Wattles talks about the law of perpetual transmutation. “Man instinctively knows this, and therefore he is forever seeking more. This law of perpetual increase is set forth by Jesus in the parable of the talents: Only those who gain more retain any; from him who has not shall be taken away even that which he has.” Simply put, energy from the formless realm is constantly flowing into the material world and taking form. This energy is limitless and inexhaustible. As old forms are exhausted, they give way for new forms to emerge from the invisible hidden energy of the universe. The formless energy is amenable to being shaped by our minds and is the ultimate source of all wealth. Hence, in a very real sense, every person in this world is wealthy by birth because each of us is connected to that source of infinite supply. The only problem is that the great majority does not know how to tap into it and bring it into manifestation. Hence, they remain impoverished. It is not circumstance or upbringing that does it. It is sheer ignorance of the reality of our own wealth and how easily we could tap into it if we just tried. In any area of endeavor, you will often find two people with almost identical talent and opportunity: one is a roaring success; the other is going nowhere. You may see two almost identical businesses: one is going from strong to stronger; the other is almost bankrupt. Why? The answer lies in how successfully we can tap into the law of perpetual transmutation and manifest from the formless according to our desires. Rather than constantly immersing yourself in the world of effects, i.e., the material world, more of your focus should go into the world of causes. The first step to doing this is simply awareness. Meditating regularly on the law of perpetual transmutation can help you make it a living belief for you. Then place yourself between the flow. See the vast infinite energy flowing from the formless through you and manifesting into form beneath you.
5. The Law of Polarity
  Everything has an opposite: hot, cold; up, down; good, bad.
  Constantly look for the good in people and situations. When you find it, tell the person. People love compliments, and the positive idea in
    your mind makes you feel good. Remember, good idea, good vibrations.

  Always recognize the opposite and then pick what you want to concentrate on, remembering law number 4.
      6. The Law of Vibration
Everything vibrates. Nothing rests. Conscious awareness of vibration is called “feeling.” How do you feel? Your thoughts control your
   paradigms and your vibrations. When you are not feeling good, become aware of what you are thinking and then think of something
   pleasant. Remember again law number 4.
The tide goes out. Night follows day. Good times, bad times.
When you are on a downswing, do not feel bad. Know the swing will change and things will get better. There are good times coming.
   Think of them.
      7. The Law of Rhythm
Some of the things the law of rhythm affects are the tide that goes out and comes back. Night follows day. There is good in everything, and there is bad. Don’t feel the bad in the downswing without realizing that good times are coming. Remember again law number 4. Baha'u'llah says, “Sorrow not if, in these days and on this earthly plane, things contrary to your wishes have been ordained and manifested by God, for days of blissful joy, of heavenly delight, are assuredly in store for you.”
These are the seven laws of the universe.
I hope you have found them helpful and will concentrate on each one until you are totally familiar with them.
These are not laws that can be broken without steep consequences. If you know the laws, you obey the laws. If you use the laws, you will succeed. Whether something goes right or something goes wrong, you can refer to these laws. The people who have not gotten what their heart desires have gone against one or more of these laws. Don’t let this happen to you. read and learn all about the laws that affect you on this planet. Succeed through loving and obeying these laws. You‘ll be glad you did. Throughout this book, I will be sharing with you how I broke some of these laws and the heavy penalties I paid for it.
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